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                                With more than a century of experience in the mining industry, American Mine Door’s reputation continues to grow worldwide.

                                See how an American Mine Door package can improve safety and production efficiency

                                Mine Doors

                                Introducing EcoVent

                                American Mine Door is proud to introduce this new product to the mining industry. 

                                The EcoVent Mine Door was specifically designed for a price sensitive market to improve safety in the mine ?and- built for durability unmatched in the mine door marketplace.

                                Learn more on our EcoVent Door Page.

                                Mine Doors for All Types of Mines

                                At American Mine Door?/sup>, our custom manufactured Mine Doors provide economical, safe, efficient, and practical ventilation control for all types of track and trackless mines, including mines for coal, uranium, salt, gypsum, clay, gold, potash, titanium, and molybdenum.

                                Also learn about our special low pressure door design on our Mine Doors page.

                                Contact us with any question or Request a Mine Door Quote.

                                Mine door “air lock?control packages.

                                Our controls packages offer the ability to automate your air locks. Secure your air lock by locking out one door, use thru-door scanners to detect obstacles between the doors to avoid injury or damage. Open/close doors via sonic sensors to detect vehicles approaching and exiting your doors - eliminating idle time?nbsp;

                                Visit our Door Automation page to learn more.

                                Mine Door Automation Mine Track Cleaners Cable Vulcanizers

                                Door Automation 

                                Contact Us to learn more about our
                                Door Automation Controls.

                                Track Cleaners

                                Contact Us to learn more or to request a
                                Track Cleaner Quote.

                                Cable Vulcanizers

                                Contact us to learn more or to request a
                                Cable Vulcanizer Quote.



                                Mine Door Video

                                 Watch a mine door in operation within an actual mine.


                                Track Cleaner Video

                                Reduce labor and clean your track with an American Mine Door Track Cleaner.


                                Newly Installed Mine Door

                                This is an exemplary install of one of our doors - as you can see, the door also contains a man door for personnel traffic or egress in a power failure or emergency situation.

                                Custom Industrial Fabrication

                                Every day, AMD custom designs and builds equipment requiring machining, fabrication, electrical control, hydraulic and pneumatic components, and more.

                                AMD consistently works with power companies, paper mills, steel mills, aerospace and the building trades. To learn more, visit our Custom Fabrication Division page, or Contact AMD today.

                                American Mine Door - 21st Century Solutions

                                American Mine Door Co. manufactures custom high-pressure underground Mine Doors for the global mining industry. We also provide Cable Vulcanizers and Track Cleaners, but that is only the beginning. 

                                At AMD, our Custom Fabrication Division custom manufactures solutions to difficult problems every day.  Our greatest strength is in providing innovative, 21st Century solutions to your mining and industrial challenges. 

                                International Sales.  American Mine Door has a growing international clientele.  Learn more on our International Sales page, including about AMD's South African Technical Sales & Support.

                                Contact Us today to learn more.


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