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                                About American Mine Door®

                                American Mine Door Company Historyminedoors-track-cleaners

                                Incorporated in 1906 for the purpose of manufacturing mechanically operated ventilation control doors for underground mines, American Mine Door boasts nearly a century of experience in meeting our customer's needs. Purchased by Daniel Zenisek in 2000, American Mine Door has entered the 21st century as a custom manufacturer with a dependable line of heavy duty mining products.

                                American Mine Door Company manufactures custom high-pressure underground mine doors for the global mining industry. We also provide cable vulcanizers, track cleaners, and additional mining products.

                                We specialize in the design and manufacture of Custom Fabricated Products to our customer's specifications. At American Mine Door, we have made it our business to supply the highest quality, most cost-effective, and dependable products and services in the marketplace.

                                Contact AMD Today and we'll work to solve your mining and manufacturing problems.

                                Our ultimate goal at American Mine Door Company is to grow by focusing on the development of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, bound by shared commitment to quality, service and value.

                                AMD Co. ownership also owns ZEN Industries Inc., a large sheet metal manufacturing company that resides within the same facility as is brother AMD Co. together, and these two Companies are able to provide additional services and skill-sets to our existing and new customers. Visit www.zenindustries.com to see all the additional benefits these two companies working together can offer.

                                AMD Mine Doors mine-door-provides-ventilation

                                Prior to the introduction of automatic mine doors, mine operators used trappers to open and close doors on the haulage road, so that the motorman would not have to stop. His snapper would open the door - wait for the last car to pass, then close the door and run to get on the end of the trip. In practice however, often times the motorman would not stop, he would only slow down so the snapper could run ahead of the locomotive and open the door. Yes, they really did have miners crazy enough to employ these tactics. As you can see automatic doors were not only an economic innovation but a safety innovation as well.

                                American Mine Door's custom mine doors provide economical, safe, efficient, practical ventilation control for all types of track or trackless mines, including mines for coal, uranium, salt, gypsum, clay, gold, potash, titanium, and molybdenum.

                                Learn more about AMD Mine Doors.

                                Contact us with any questions or to Request an AMD Mine Door Quote.

                                AMD Track Cleaners mine-track-cleaners-clean-haulage-road

                                In the past, mines transported their raw product in drop bottom and side dump cars. Dirty tracks were the norm. As the mine car doors began to wear or otherwise fail to seal tightly, coal sifted from the cars onto the track. Material build up became so bad between the rails that motormen found they could pull fewer and fewer cars in their loaded trips due to contact with this material. Not only did this situation require more trips to haul the same load levels, but the cost of mine car maintenance skyrocketed. Without the use of our efficient Track Cleaners, it required a significant number of personnel and higher resulting labor costs to clean the tracks by hand.

                                In the early 1940's, American Mine Door introduced the first machine designed specifically to clean the haulage road in underground mines. Prior to that time, and for some years after, master mechanics would try, often unsuccessfully, to adapt old loading machines to clean track.

                                Many track mines remain in use around the world, and American Mine Door's rugged, heavy-duty track cleaner is still the best way to clean track. Designed to operate in coal, metal, and non-metal underground mines, our Model 75 Track Cleaner is successful in removing Iron, Copper, Coal, Lead, Potash, and Salt from your tracks.

                                Learn more about AMD Track Cleaners.

                                Contact us with any questions or to Request an AMD Track Cleaner Quote.

                                AMD Cable Vulcanizers cable-vulcanizers--on-site-cable-repair-in-mine

                                With more and more vulcanizing shops doing "on site cable repair", it became evident to us at American Mine Door Company, that a lighter weight vulcanizer would help ease the task of getting the vulcanizing equipment to the point of use.

                                Without compromising on the quality you have to come to expect from American Mine Door Company products, we were able to reduce the weight of our cable vulcanizer significantly. American Mine Door Company's ingenuity in introducing an aluminum framed unit reduced the weight of our cable vulcanizers to a mere 73 pounds!

                                When using flexible trailing cable in a mine, damage is a fact of life. Reducing downtime is a high priority. American Mine Door's cable vulcanizer offers sturdy construction that stands up to heavy use. Its light weight allows for easy loading and unloading at point of use.

                                The innovative and proven design of American Mine Door's cable vulcanizer has been used in the mining industry for years, making jobs easier and safer.

                                Learn more about AMD Cable Vulcanizers.

                                Contact us with any questions or to Request an AMD Cable Vulcanizer Quote.

                                Custom Fabrication and Machining custom-fabrication

                                Along with all the propriety products American Mine Door Co. manufactures for the Mining Industry, we also have a large amount of experience in many other metal working industries. AMD Co. consistently works with power companies, paper mills, steel mills, aerospace, building trades as well as many other industries requiring metal working projects.

                                AMD Co., Custom Fabrication Division, is a job shop providing custom fabrication and specialty services from engineering to delivery of finished products, using certified welders and the most current technology. Having one of the best equipped fabrication shops allows us to complete your project on time, with superb quality at a competitive rate.



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