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                                American Mine Door Now Offering Air Lock Man Way Built to Last!

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                                man way air chamber mine

                                mine personnel air lock

                                Custom Construction for Your Mine’s Specific Needs

                                The American Mine Door Air Lock Man Way chamber permits the easy passage of miners between two separate air pressure environments. The Air Lock Man Way minimizes the change of air pressure from one section of the mine to the other without breaching the ventilation route.

                                • The Air Lock Man Ways are 66?square by 78?high in size, but easily customized to any mine specification, including size of box, size of doors, style of doors, and more?/li>
                                • This airtight steel chamber has two 30?wide by 48?high sliding step-through doors on each side.
                                • The unique gravitational controlled sliding door closing mechanism makes for easy opening and closing of each door with little to no maintenance.

                                The American Mine Door Air Lock Man Way chamber can be used in an air pressure environment as high as 20?water gauge. Air Lock Man Way frames are constructed of 2?x 2?x 11 gauge tubing with 12 gauge steel for the outer skins.

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