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                                Collision Avoidance

                                At American Mine Door, our research and development team is dedicated to advancing mine door safety features and customizing controllers for unique installations. AMD’s latest Door Collision Avoidance System provides warning lights and audible alarms to assist your drivers in getting through high pressure doors safely. By reducing repairs, delays, and downtime, AMD’s collision avoidance system pays for itself.

                                The Rib Mounted Light Curtain System

                                American Mine Door’s new light curtain system for collision avoidance can be used with our own unique opposing wing high-pressure doors or retrofitted to assist with any existing mine door installation.

                                The system consists of four rib mounted sensors, one on each rib, on both sides of the approach to the mine door. Each light curtain is mounted a predetermined distance from the door, far enough to provide an effective warning to the driver if the vehicle strays from center.

                                Infrared light curtains, each with a coverage area of 1' x 11', are projected to within a few inches of the inside of the door wings.

                                In the event that a vehicle gets too close to one side of a rib, the sensor detecting the off-center vehicle sets off an audible alarm and flashing red strobe light as a warning.

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                                Click either of the images below to download a detailed Collision Avoidance PDF (Adobe Acrobat Required).

                                Warning Lights and Alarms

                                Between the door and each light curtain a 110 dba audible alarm and flashing red strobe light are mounted. In the event a vehicle strays off center of the roadway and breaks one of the infrared curtains, the alarm and strobe for that side let the operator know the vehicle is heading for a collision on that side.

                                Once the driver makes a correction to center the vehicle, the audible alarm and strobe shut off to indicate the vehicle is now clear to pass through the doors.

                                In our experience, when collisions occur, it is often to the rear of the vehicle where the driver cannot see how close the vehicle has approached a door.

                                Making the Turn

                                Many times, a vehicle needs to turn directly after going through a door. Since some of these vehicles can be 35?in length, correctly negotiating the curve is crucial.

                                In these cases, outfitting the system with a laser can show the driver exactly where their front wheels should be positioned to properly make the corner. The visual guidance from the laser “path?helps them negotiate these turns more accurately and consistently.

                                Video Aids Forensic Collision Analysis

                                Even with our new system, the operator remains ultimately responsible. The driver needs to respond accordingly when one of the alarms is activated. If a collision does occur, it will be difficult to offer an acceptable excuse for ignoring the alarm system and hitting the door.

                                Nevertheless, should an accident happen, having an independent view of the circumstances could be invaluable. AMD is able to integrate camera monitors into the collision avoidance system, such that the cameras are activated at the same time an alarm sounds, providing forensic evidence of what went wrong.

                                If one collision is avoided with this system it will have paid for itself. Avoiding future collisions is money in the bank.

                                Retrofitting to Existing PLC Systems

                                Customers with existing PLC systems may have enough capacity to retrofit the system logic into that PLC. If not, the system will come with its own control system. It would require 120 VAC power of at least 5 amps capacity.

                                AMD’s door collision avoidance technology can be retrofitted into systems without PLC's as well.

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