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                                With more than a century of experience in the mining industry, American Mine Door’s reputation continues to grow worldwide.

                                See how an American Mine Door package can improve safety and production efficiency

                                Introducing the NEW EcoVent Mine Door

                                A Safer Economical Underground Mine Door Alternative Built to Last

                                Finally! ...a safer, better designed alternative to traditional "machine" doors... that fits into my budget!

                                The EcoVent Mine Door was specifically designed for a price sensitive market to improve safety in the mine ?and- built for durability unmatched in the mine door marketplace.

                                Improving Safety is Priority #1!

                                Safety is priority one in the mines. And we also know miners are at risk in high (water gauge) pressure work areas.

                                Too many accidents and “near misses?have occurred in high pressure mines where doors are opening in the same direction causing abrupt dangerous slamming of doors that could lead to accidents and injuries.

                                Underground mines continue to be challenged to improve mine safety and the new EcoVent door provides a safer solution to underground machine doors.

                                The EcoVent Patented Opposing Wing Design Delivers a Safer Door Solution

                                American Mine Door’s patented opposing wing design uses the mines own ventilation air pressure to assist opening and closing of the doors regardless of what direction the air is flowing. No more worries. One wing opens with the air flow while the other wing opens against the airflow; cancelling the other out. With this equalized air pressure, doors will not slam closed, reducing the potential for injuries to hands or feet that can get caught between the door wings.

                                Click here to view our EcoVent Photo Gallery

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                                See the EcoVent Door in Action!




                                Press Release and Informational Flyer

                                Interested in learning more about our new EcoVent Mine Door?  Download our Press Release and EcoVent Mine Door Flier.  

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