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                                international-mine_doorInternational Sales

                                With more than a century of experience in the mining industry, American Mine Door®’s reputation continues to grow worldwide. At AMD, we manufacture automated ventilation control doors, track cleaners, and cable vulcanizers.

                                Today, sales are driven by the quality of our mine doors and the reliability of our delivery and customer service ?worldwide.

                                Where on Earth do you Find American Mine Doors?

                                • Argentina


                                  At AMD, we welcome inquiries from distributors and qualified entities interested in handling our product line around the world.

                                  It is our goal to continue our international growth in the worldwide market.

                                  Contact American Mine Door today!

                                • Australia
                                • Canada
                                • Chile
                                • Honduras
                                • Indonesia
                                • Ireland
                                • Guatemala
                                • Mexico
                                • Mongolia
                                • Peru
                                • Russia
                                • South Africa
                                • United Kingdom
                                • USA (lower 48 and Alaska)

                                Want to learn more? Visit our pages on Mine Doors, Track Cleaners, and Cable Vulcanizers. Then contact American Mine Door for a customized solution to your toughest mining challenges.

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