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                                Personnel Man DoorsPersonnel Door for a Mine

                                Three designs of standalone personnel man doors are available from American Mine Door®. Each has unique features to suit your mines specific needs.  

                                Opposing swing man door:

                                This man door operates under the same principles as our mine doors, utilizing an opposing wing design to cancel out the effects of static pressure. Even with rather high pressures, these doors are relatively easy to open since the pressure against one door panel is canceled out by the opposing door panel. These doors can be fabricated to any height/width combinations.   Personnel Door for a Mine

                                Download our Opposing Swing Man Door Information and Specifications PDF

                                Concave man door:

                                The Concave man door system consists of a spring assisted swing door mounted in a metal frame. Allows for personal access through areas with high wind loads and differential pressure. A torsion spring closing assembly ensures door closure at all times. These doors can be custom fabricated to and height/width combinations.  

                                Download our Concave Man Door Information and Specifications PDF

                                Sliding man door:

                                Sliding man doors are used in high pressure application where there is available room for a sliding style man door. Dual roller trolley located at the top of the door reduces friction which allows this door to be opened and closed easily even in high pressure applications. Doors are custom sized per mines requirements.

                                Download our Sliding Man Door Information and Specifications PDFMan Door for Mine

                                Personnel man door highlights:

                                • Three optional door styles are available
                                • Choose from opposing wing, sliding and concave style man doors
                                • Each man door style can be custom built to your desired size

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