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                                Track Cleaners from American Mine Door®

                                Track Cleaners

                                Track Cleaner for Tracked Mines - American Mine DoorAt American Mine Door® our Model 75 is a rugged, heavy-duty Track Cleaner ready to remove iron, copper, coal, potash, and salt from your tracked mine.

                                Designed to serve in a variety of underground mining environments, our Model 75 Track Cleaner operates while hitched to a locomotive.  It cleans your mine track using two steps:

                                • Using the Forward Plows, the track cleaner scoops excess debris from the outside of the railway. Once set to the best position, the plows funnel the debris into the center area between the tracks.
                                • Between the rails is a Digger Plate traveling 1" above the railroad ties when in digger position. The digger plate strips through any debris which has compacted along the tracks. Loosened material is funneled up the digger plate onto a gathering conveyor chain. The gathering chain conveys debris onto a boom conveyor and then in to a receiving rail car being pulled by the Track Cleaner (coupled together).

                                Want to know more?

                                Specifications on the AMD Model 75 Track Cleaner

                                Our Model 75 Track Cleaners (formerly the Canton Track Cleaner) have a clean spillage rate exceeding 1 TON per minute, clearing the roadbed for a distance of 6' 6" from the centerline on each side of the track and leveling the roadbed a total of 13' 0" out to out with plow extensions. A medium size locomotive tows the cleaner, one or more empties, and the change motor.

                                • Standard Frame Height 46" track-cleaner-metal-mining
                                • ?Optional REMOTE CONTROL operation
                                • Caging Length 13'
                                • Caging Width 6' 6"
                                • Track Gauges 30" to 48"
                                • Horsepower and Starter Horsepower 50
                                • Maximum Cleaning Width, Standard 10' 0"
                                • Maximum Cleaning Width with Plow Extensions 13' 0"
                                • Conveyor Drives Hydraulic
                                • Approximate Weight 18,000 lbs.
                                • Rail Weights All Track-cleaner-iron-mine-copper-mine
                                • Voltages DC, AC, Battery, Diesel
                                • Motor-Full Duty Load 1 hour
                                • Pump-Hydraulic-3 stage-GPM 50
                                • Speed - Boom Conveyor 183 FPM
                                • Speed - Gathering Conveyor 211 FPM
                                • Minimum Height 38"
                                • Overall Length 32' Track-cleaner-remove-salt
                                • Motor RPM 1,750
                                • Reducers - Two Planetary reducers for independent drives
                                • Side Plates 1"
                                • Digger Plate - Abrasion Resistant 1"
                                • Boom Skip Sheet - Abrasion Resistant 1/4 :
                                • Boom Chain - Ave. Ultimate Strength 91,000 lbs.
                                • Conveyor Chain - Ave. Ultimate Strength 90,000 lbs. Track-cleaner-remove-potash
                                • Dual Control Standard
                                • Conveyors-Forward/Reverse Independent Drive
                                • Independently driven, reversible conveyors permit quick clearing of stalled conveyors.

                                Optional Features for Model 75 Track Cleaner

                                • Removable Plow Extensions
                                • Jointed Boom / Front End (Cage Loading)
                                • Provisions for Dual Track Gauge and Rail Weight
                                • Staple Lock Type Fitting in Lieu of JIC
                                • Water and Ditch Control Assembly Gathering Conveyor Dual Operation Digger Plate Area Underside of Boom

                                Track Cleaner Video

                                Contact us with any questions you may have on our track cleaners or to Request a Track Cleaner Quote.

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